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My sewing skills don't amount to much but I made hammocks for all my mice out of pieces of fleece. The mice love their hammocks but I've noticed that the older mice (with longer claws) sometimes get their claws caught in the fleece material. I decided this morning that it was safer to remove their hammock but they really seem to miss it so I was wondering if anyone knew of a better material to use?
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I made some lovely purple pocket hammocks from fleece a while ago and stopped using them for this very same reason Ann. What you could do, is turn them into cubes and make little square houses that just sit on your cage shelves? I only have one small fleece `cube` right now. I bought it from a forum member who made them a while back but she stopped making them.

I`ve cut right back on the material items I use. The mice sleep in a Homer cube (from Fuzzbutts) and also have one on a shelf that they sit in but don`t sleep in as I don`t put any nesting bedding in it.

I would`nt recommend suspending fleece items that they have to jump into or hop down from as this is when they can get a claw caught and a leg dangling as a result. My Betsy is only six months old and she was walking across a flat piece of fleece only last week that I lay across the top level and she kept getting a claw stuck while just walking on it, but not so much that she could`nt free her toe, she just seemed to catch on the fine fibres. But it just goes to show that even fleece laid flat can cause issues.

I would like to stop using material items altogether to be honest, but they do love sleeping in their Homer cube, so I allow that but it`s very tight quality fleece that is stitched onto a cotton backing by an industrial sewing maching, so this makes the Homer cubes safer and mine just sits on the cage floor surrounded by Bedxcel substrate, so it`s not suspended.
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A cotton backing would definately help. I know what you mean about depriving them of their little luxuries! The breeders on here will be laughing at us!!! :lol:

It would be so much easier just to throw a pile of nesting material into a corner yes, but once you have used the home comforts and the mice love them, you feel as if your taking away a lollipo from a kid! The little faces at the bars would look at you as if to say `I`m a mouse - get me outa here!`... :lol:
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