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My sewing skills don't amount to much but I made hammocks for all my mice out of pieces of fleece. The mice love their hammocks but I've noticed that the older mice (with longer claws) sometimes get their claws caught in the fleece material. I decided this morning that it was safer to remove their hammock but they really seem to miss it so I was wondering if anyone knew of a better material to use?
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What about a cotton material or a cotton-polyester mix AnnB? A few of my mice had the same problem with their nails and they were able to run over ordinary pillowcases and duvet covers so chopping up some of them would be an option to make an alternative hammock :)
I hope that the use of cotton material works AnnB! I know that it is okay with mine because the little monsters love running around my bed cover and in and out my pillow cases, including Jones - one of my boys who has a nail that grows longer and faster than the others on his toes meaning the only way to stop it interfering with him running around is to trim it every so often! Not many of my mice have material in their cages - was getting too expensive seeing as I have mouse sized vandals who love to tear cosy toys apart :lol: Only my elderly ones or ill ones get something cosy and they are quite partial to slipper socks :lol:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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