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Halifax Show, August 13th 2011

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I'm quite glad this show is on the 13th, since by the time my parents get home from their holiday, I'll be in a tent with mice, so they won't be nagging me. Well timed, I think :D

Anyone else going?
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Tratallen and I will be there! Looking forward to it, as always :D
Sarah and tratallen have kindly offered to take mice for me,so I shall be able to compete but won't actually be there.
Its too far for me, the last journey up there nearly killed me, so unless I can catch a lift with someone I wont be going, Im not used to driving such a long way :cool:
im not heading to this one but im deffinately going to poynton. looking forward to it :)
Do you have to be a member of NMC to attend the shows?

You don't have to be a member to attend any shows.This one is an agricultural one with stalls and various things,displays,horses,birds of prey etc.It's meant for the public as much as anyone else :D
I had to look up this location; I thought 'they can't be DRIVING to Nova Scotia'!

That would be fatal to just about anyone, I'd think....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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