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Hairless mouse litter

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I have a pair of hairless Mice the female has no hair , the male has no hair.The first litter they have had was eight babies. Six are white with a brown band, one is hairless, one is a fuzzy white which I think will turn hairless. Can someone explain how I can get pure hairless babies?, and how I managed to get six which are banded? please and thank you.
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Hi here are some pics
This is the male

The Litter

The Nursing Female

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I have another litter where one has a fine fuzz of hair the other two brothers have no hair at all lol could the Male or the Female be Fuzzy?The litter in the picture are a very light brown with a white band.
I bought A male from Cambridgeshire and a female from Darlington.All the fur has dropped off them now there completely naked I love them :) .
Hi Artunature,
No problems at all , She has had two litters all survived I gave her plenty protein before and when nursing them .Scrambled egg Mealworms were given and dog kibble.The thing is if these have the fuzzy gene they wont have the lactating problem that true hairless have.Out of the litters I have had, over half have been born true hairless .She is a fantastic Mum .
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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