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Hairless mouse litter

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I have a pair of hairless Mice the female has no hair , the male has no hair.The first litter they have had was eight babies. Six are white with a brown band, one is hairless, one is a fuzzy white which I think will turn hairless. Can someone explain how I can get pure hairless babies?, and how I managed to get six which are banded? please and thank you.
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If you have some that never grew fur, they are not true hairless hr/hr. They would be fuzzy hairless which is an entirely different gene. True hairless grows their hair fully in and around the age of 2 weeks starts to lose it around the face-- the hairless slowly progresses from the head to the shoulder, down the back and the rump is the last place to lose the hair. They are quite fascinating to observe in this silly process. haha
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