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hairless confusion :S

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Ok so a lady told me that she had hairless mice for sale.
So i go to her house to see them and all i saw was some brindle
adults. She said 'these are my hairless mice' I said 'I thought that
they would have no hair' She tells me that they are called hairless
because their coat is fine. Well of course i was expecting no hair
at all. So it that true, Is a hairless mouse with fur a type of Hairless mouse
or does she need to get her facts straight?
I didn't think this sounded right.
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Hairless (hr/hr) mice are mice who have no hair. There is a picture at the bottom of this AFRMA page:

There are other varieties of hairless as well, such as fuzzy hairless (fz/fz), which do often have some fur, but nowhere near enough to be what you described.

I would not get animals from somebody who had them so blatantly mis-labeled. Some things are understandable (for example, calling a light himalayan a PEW), but not knowing the difference between hairless and furred mice seems...suspect to me.
i purchased a hairless doe and it had very fine hair (very very fine) you could clearly see the skin. i also assumed it was have no hair at all
ok if i could show u a picture of this mouse u wouldnt think
that it is ment to be a hairless (with hair) . To me he just looks
like a normal brindle mouse. If i could send u some
pix by email that would be good and i would also send som pix of ones that
i don't know the colours of. If you could tell me your email that would be good to.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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