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Hi all, I'm not the best for introductions, so excuse the ramblings.

I'm called Syd by my friends and I've been keeping and breeding mice for fourteen years or so now. I am throughly, insanely addicted to the wee ones, so much I even have mouse tattoos. :D

It all started when I was very young, my first pet was a house mouse the family cat caught, who I named Peep peep (hey I was only about 5.) I rescued him and with my mothers help, tried my best to heal the poor thing. I washed up his wounds, put on some ointment, and kept him in a wooden box that was supposed to be for storing potatoes (my grandmother was NOT pleased with this.) I gave him paper, hay and an old dishcloth for bedding and fed him birdseed, dog biscuits, and table scraps. He healed well, though he always had a limp, and he quickly became very tame. I took him everywhere with me, riding in my shirt pocket or jacket hood. He delicately took bread and vegetable scraps from my fingers and loved to be scritched under the jaw. He lived about 18 months from the time I rescued him, and when he passed my mom bought me a small mouse ornament, because it happened right before christmas time. I still have that little porcelian mouse. I have been in love with mice ever since. I have yet to have another mouse who loved human affection as much as Peep did.

Nowdays, I only have a few pet mice. I used to focus my breeding on Satins in Silver Agouti, Champagne, and Cinnamon, as well as Blazed Cinnamons. I started with pet store mice, and over the years produced some rather striking mice for what I had. My favourite was a Satin Cinnamon doe named Riaine, she was probably the best mouse I ever produced in my younger years, and she is where I pulled my mousery name from. To this day I can still remember how elated I felt when she won BOV at a local mouse club show. I was 12, and it seemed the best moment of my life at the time. I hope someday when my kids are older and college is less grueling, to be able to breed mice again. I will still focus on my favourites, I pray to find good Silver Agoutis again. I would also love to breed Cinnamon or Agouti Herefords, as they are the closest to the Blazed mice I had as a kid.

Other than 8 pet mice I have a german shepherd, 2 cats, 2 birds, 2 tanks of fish, 10 rats, and 2 cavies. That seems like enough rambling for now. Off to bed, as I have an early day ahead of me :sleep:
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