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I was talking to someone who used to breed mice and they told me their diet that they used.
I think they were some happy/spoiled mice :) What do you think?

"-Blocks of Horse feed (all natural, all grains)
- whole wheat pasta (dry)
- dry brown rice (not instant)
- dry lentils & split peas
- whole wheat bread (soft or toasted, no butter)
- fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, oranges, melons, grapes, apples, etc)
- fresh veggies (all sorts of greens, some romaine lettuce [usually just in the summer to help them stay hydrated], squash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, corn on the cob, cucumber, tomatoes, etc)
- frozen veggies/fruit if there is nothing in season (or if you are in a real bind, get some salt/sugar free baby food)
- they also got cooked bones with meat on it once per week or two (chicken bones, steak bones, pork chop, etc, with a bit of meat on it, but mainly bone)
- cooked eggs (mine loved scrambled)
- yogurt or pudding as a rare treat
- fresh meat (meaning mealworms, crickets or feeder fish)
- for a big treat I would mix up peanut butter and bird seed, slather it on Popsicle sticks and hang up for them
- nuts in the shell (peanuts, walnuts, etc...the hard shelled nuts I crack a bit first)
- cooked pasta with no butter (they love spaghetti and slurping it, lol!)
- for the summer, I like to freeze bits of fruit in ice cubes, then drop in a few into the tanks for them (they love sleeping in the cubes, eating them and then discovering the treat inside!)
- if it's really hot, I freeze large margarine tubs of water, and give them the blocks to cool off their tanks (like a cool air humidifier) "
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