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Go on then Rabbit People...

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Care to tell me how in the Gods names my rabbit had babies 45 days after the last time my two even tried to mate?? :lol: :lol:

K xx
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I don't know but aren't rabbit nests wonderful.
stored sperm?.... can happen in humans, us women really are amazing, we can power down sperm for up to 10 days and then reawaken it to fertilise an egg how cool is that!
Rabbits can store sperm until the doe feels that the timing is right (meaning she feels safer, has more food,etc)

And before anyone shouts at me for touching them, Mum adores me, thinks i'm a big rabbit and the pictures were taken during my daily 'Are they healthy and being fed' checks ;)
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Its funny , up until i really started researching Rabbits, I had always been told to not disturb the babies for the first 2 weeks. However every breeder i spoke to said its ok to!

I suppose its the same as rats and mice. you can still find info that says not to disturb pinkies until they are at least a few days old, yet i've never paid any attention to that.
If mum had seemed even remotely agitated i would not have touched them, but i have been handling these since they were only hours old and today, mum even came up and started grooming me while i was checking the 'children'! lol
They are so absolutely shiny and wonderful! Are they "Satin" coated?
I dont think so :D New hair is shiney on baby rabbits I believe. These are the first I have ever seen! lol
I've always thought little rabbits were absolutely awe-inspiringly adorable. Hooray that you get to experience them!!! :D
I am finding it quite fasinating!
They are just the cutest things! ......

well after baby guinea wigs :lol:
One of the darker ones is a rex :D

And the smallest, who i think is a doe had a small wrinkley belly this morning, so I took her out with mum and helped her latch on for a bit of a feed... not so much she looked very full, but just enough to get her belly more rounded, I still want her to eat with the rest of them in the early hours!
Two of them look really blue to me Sarah... but i can't be sure, can't wait til they get all thier fur in!! :D

And of course I will be sad and post more pictures as they age... I may end up doing like a photo growth chart or something! :)
Yes post the pics,what can be nicer than baby rabbits along with puppies and kittens.I've wanted rabbits for a long time and I'm always envious.No time for anything else alas.
Okay! hehee

3 days old...

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Hehe I'm sure I can manage that Heather! I am keen to see how they develop
And i'll have the white one and the one underneath it! :D Not really - OH would have a fit!
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