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:bash I just made arrangements to get a pair of dumbo rat pups. I've been talking with a breeder and she has several litters coming up. I'm looking at getting a chocolate or coco and either a beige or champagne. I can't wait:bash only problem is it's 2 weeks before their born and another 5 or 6 before they can come home :roll:
Now to tell my mom :lol: she knew I was looking but she's about as enthusiastic about rats as about the mice or any of my creatures for that matter :roll:

This ladies been breeding for 3 years and has two lines that she's got 8 plus generations. She's got 3 retired breeders that are about 4 years old so it sounds like their pretty healthy lines to me. My friend got a few pet shop rats and they didn't last 3 months and they didn't look that old when she got them.
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