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I'll add pictures when i can....

We have... Macy the Kitten 13 weeks in a couple of days (a pure grey longhaired girl, silvery underneath and with some slightly darker vague striped markings)

the nameless female budgie (im not sure on her proper colour names but shes a gorgeous pale turquoisey blue with white on her wings and a pale yellow head)

the roborovski hamster girls Peep and Juniper (one natural agouti colouring and one white faced only about 10 weeks or so at the moment i believe)

goodness me i almost forgot the fish haha....
one turquoise/green male fighter/betta called Bruno
and in the bigger tank, a male/female pair of white/silver mollies, a female fighter, a diamond tetra and the little dwarf puffer

would love to breed the robs but im not sure about homing the ones that arent kept so have put that idea on hold :) do let me know if any of you guys would be interested :lol:
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