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Getting all grown up

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Here is some of our 4-5 week old mixed litter, the ones that had pointy faces which, thankfully, seem to be not so pointy now =)
In here we have platinums, pews and (I think) a cream. Most are marked and I'm still no closer to getting any selfs in these colours (other than pews). Any suggestions? They're type is improving though, not perfect, but the now look more showy than pet. The ears aren't quite as good on these as the last litter though, which is a bit disappointing.

PEW Doe from a previous litter but looking good =)

Platinum Doe

Platinum Buck

PEW Buck

This is the Doe I'm not sure of, the only way to get pics of the colour as it is on the eye, is to photo her in the shade

Platinum Buck

The girls being lazy, the creamy girl and a broken silver
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Aww gorgeous! love the platinums :) xxx
Oh for the love of god, I guess that must be everyone on the forum put in their place?? People are entitled to their opinion yes, but i think there are more constructive ways of making suggestions. Plus, the way a mouse will photograph is inevitably different to how it looks in life. Perhaps these mice actually look more 'platinum' in life, but not to you on your screen. Have you actually seen the mouse?

Sorry if this comes across as bitchy, but I do disagree with the following:
You will be able to see the difference. And if you can't see the differenced between a PEW and a silver, you should consider geting your eyes tested! They are different colours.

Perhaps not everyone is as highly educated in mouse colouring or quite clearly we don't all hold the degree you have in determining mouse colours by looking at a picture online.

This is all thank you.

And if i get booted off the forum for this reply, quite frankly i don't mind, but i do not agree with the way you have 'attempted' to correct everyone on here. There are more friendly and constructive ways of getting a point over.
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