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Gerbil babies again.

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After a 3 month break, my female gerbil gave birth today to 3 nice pups :D This is their 9th litter since they started breeding.

The babies:

Mom; Sienna. Dark Eyed Honey. Born 11.01.2010. Pedigree: ... mtavle.pdf

Dad; Vanaheims Peanut Surprice. Slate. Born 08.11.2009. Pedigree: ... mtavle.pdf

They usually produce Agouti, Gray Agouti, Dark Eyed Honey and Polar Fox. I would really like some Polar fox babies again soon :) They are so lovely :p
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Now those are pretty gerbils. :D Is it ok for them to have 9 litters? IDK if gerbils are different than mice is all....I don't like having more than 3-4 litters per mouse doe.
OIC, i have never had much experience with gerbils, so this is interesting.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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