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Gerbil babies again.

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After a 3 month break, my female gerbil gave birth today to 3 nice pups :D This is their 9th litter since they started breeding.

The babies:

Mom; Sienna. Dark Eyed Honey. Born 11.01.2010. Pedigree: ... mtavle.pdf

Dad; Vanaheims Peanut Surprice. Slate. Born 08.11.2009. Pedigree: ... mtavle.pdf

They usually produce Agouti, Gray Agouti, Dark Eyed Honey and Polar Fox. I would really like some Polar fox babies again soon :) They are so lovely :p
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BTW: Tyreengens Animals was an early name for my breed. I changed it since i really didn't like that name. ;)
That's not a problem with gerbils since they bond for life :) And they don't get so many babies per litter, 4-6 pups is a pretty average littersize. They also have breaks in breeding when they need to, without any assistance from humans :)
I actually did keep them in same sex groups for some time when i had many gerbils, and then just mated them when the females was in heat, but it wasn't worth all the trouble with splitting them and then risk they wouldn't accept each other again etc. Gerbils are extremely territorial and don't accept other gerbils than their mate/group, without splitting them first and there are no guarantee for succes even if they are being splitcaged for a long period.
PPV: i sure do, here's some of my polar fox i have had through my time as a breeder:

Gray agouti, DEH and Polar Fox (the white ones) babies:

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Here's a picture of my first polar fox, a female called Molly. Bought her with her mate from another breeder, they were my first breeding pair.
willa2602 said:
Those babies are sooo cute!! Awww, love the photo of the babies (what looks like) not long before they open their eyes?
Thanks for sharing!
Annie x
The newborn pups wont open their eyes before 2 weeks at least :)

But it's time to check the nest again today to see colour and maybe sex, pics later ;)
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