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...or am I the only one that treats them like my kids sometimes? hehehe

My usual game is when its feeding time, if they try and climb out of thier cage, i pick them up and tickle and stroke and kiss them. They love it! hehe And when I put them back they always try and jump straight back out! hehe

My newest game, is sort of a dominance thing i think, which is why it works so well with the males especially... I put my hand into the cage and hold it in a sort of relaxed 'cup' shape... when the mice walk up to my hand to sniff it, I 'roughly' (Not rough in human terms, but sort of rough and tumble stylee in mousey terms i guess!) tickle thier bellies and stoke them until they are laying on thier backs Hehee... its so much fun, there is much squeaking and jumping on my hand to try and pin it down, and they always tend to groom my hand too when I do this!

I know they enjoy me playing like this with them, cos they always come back for more, and get all happy 'jumpy'... its very cute!

Willow xx
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