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Frost and Farley with babies

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First off, I'm still trying to figure out a possible genotype for papa Frost. He appears to be ticked with bright red eyes, which says 'argente', but it's diluted, which should be 'argente creme', but the color is off. He has the darker silver hue at the roots, which again says 'argente'. I just don't know! when these babies are a bit better covered with fur there's gonna be some serious Punnet action going on! There's quite an assortment of colors as you can see in these pix.




Farley, the mama
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Here they are at about two weeks. Frost, the papa, is very protective of his babies; he always brushes my hand with his teeth whenever I get near them, without actually biting me.
Papa Frost let me take this pictures; he;s very protective and always brushes my hand with his teeth when I go near them. they are about two weeks old now.

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Farley threw her second litter this afternoon! Nice very nice long pinkers! Pictures in a day or two.
Well, it's already a week later! I'm very happy with this litter. There's one runt; the rest are all nice little chunky chubbers.

Babies with watchful older siblings.

The red eyed youngster is NOT albino!

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Aww, a lovely looking litter and that Agouti/white in the second pic is just adorable- such a cheeky face! :D
Frost is in his own tank now. Here are new pix of the second litter.

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Frost is a mealy dove, Moustress, honestly :lol: Some doves do have a darker undercoat and a mealy top, it's pretty common.

Sarah xxx
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