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from the uk :)

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hello there. im amelia -waves-

ok so im not a fancy show breeder like some of the people on here i only just got into pets. So i really love animals and just reciently i found a new love for rodents. I purchased two chinese hamsters first which i love to peices and then as i researched and visited some pet stores i fell in love with the mice, i now have three females. So like i said im just starting out, and at the moment my mice are only pets but i would love when im more experienced and have more time and money to breed mice. So yea thats me ^_^
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Hello and welcome! Please stick around and post often! This place is great because of the mix of people--both show breeders (though I wish there were more) and pet keepers! We all have something to contribute! :)
aww hi everyone thanks for the warm welcome ... you're all so nice :)
It's okay, I don't breed mice for show either (yet!). Welcome to the forums!
welcome to the forum amelia :) have u got any pics of ur pets u could show us x
Welcome to the forum!!! And don't worry, mine are only pets too!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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