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I have got 2 doe's i need to rehome :(
One is a self colour, dark but i can't say exactly due to lack of fur, the other is the same dark colour but fox (white underside).

They are mother and daughter, about 8 months and about 4 months old.

They were in seperate colonies, the daughter i took out after 3 litters were born at the same time, and she took it upon herself to look after them all, she made herself poorly and i had to take her out and let the other mothers take over... she has awkward breathing now too, not completely sure why but i have decided to retire her early.

The mother was one of my first hairless breeders, shes had about 3 litters, but i began to notice a pattern, shes fine with everyone and everything, until she has babies, as soon as she has a litter, she turns into a monster, she takes out frustration on other doe's litters, usually killing them, and then she turns to other doe's or buck and takes it out on them, if theres no babies in the tank, shes fine!

I took the mother out of her colony today after she failed her last chance, and killed 2 babies from another doe and began having a go at remaining young, feel bad taking her away from her 1 day old litter, but its time she is taken out of the colony before i lose anymore to her (shes killed about 16 babies in total since being a breeder and none her own).

So i put them together and to my suprise theres been not one squabble.

So i've now decided to home them together as retired breeders.

One problem...

The daughter has been seperated for a week from the others, and in that time put her weight back on, however... 1 week since she was also seperated from a i'm now worried that shes pregnant, i guess i'll know for sure in another weeks time, which is why i won't be letting them go until i know for sure, that is unless a prospective new owner is willing to accept she could birth, though its unlikely any will survive with the other mouse in there, though she shouldn't be pregnant herself which is usually what brings on the murdering, so its hard to say how she'd react.
But the other worry is that the daughter is not well enough to carry, birth and raise a litter in her state, so theres also possible risk to her as well as the unborn young.

I will be letting them go for £8 the pair.

So they will not be going until i'm sure neither are pregnant (2weeks time), unless a new owner is willing to deal with the potential problems there end...
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