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FREE: Blues, Tans, Chins, Fox - MANCHESTER, UK

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These guys aren't for breeding due to a high instance of genetic issues. I stopped breeding when this last lot came along in April and have kept the remainder of my mice as much loved pets.

Unfortunately, poor mum has developed serious allergies, especially around the mice, that see her coughing until she's sick or can't breath. She reacts to dust, anything other than paper bedding and mouse wee especially. She can't even pick them up without her hand coming up in a rash, which is a real shame as she's very fond of them.

I really don't want them to go for snake food, so if anybody can help me out by taking a few as pets or companions to other mice/multis, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm happy to deliver within a reasonable distance, or for fuel costs if further a field.

5 month old Bucks:
- Blue x 2
- Blue Satin x 1 (has lump under chin)
- Blue & White Marked x 2
- Blue & White Marked Satin x 1
- Chinchilla & White Marked x 1
- Chinchilla x 1
- Agouti Tan Long-Haired x 3

5-month old Does:
- Blue Does x 5
- Blue Fox x 1
- Blue Tan x 2
- Chinchilla & White Marked x 1
- Agouti Tan & White Marked x 2

All have good temperaments and will take food from you. They've been cuddled and socialised and loved on.


Mum for rehome. She's 55, cranky and has lots of allergies. Very experienced in domestic chores, DIY and disaster management. Full UK driving licence but suffers from road rage issues. No novices, please - this one bites and kicks.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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