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Just to make you all aware there have been some changed to the forum rules,

If you have not yet read the forum rules please click here.

Changes below:

Mousery Market & Sales

The Mousery Market section of the forum is for participating members only, anyone who joins this forum with the sole intention of advertising will receive a warning and all posts will be removed.

Advertising mice or any other animal or supplies outside the Mousery Market section will result in your post being moved or deleted.

The management have a social network system as well as user based reviews of tracking sucessfull and non-succesful sales for the benefit of users, sellers and buyers... not to scare you, but we want you to know that it's in place - Big brother is watching! This network system is designed on a discussion basis about sales and to keep an eye on users not collecting and behaving irratically. The group of moderators protecting this network are all considered respectable, responsable breeders and all have a welcome opinion.

Please feel free to PM a mod to request feedback on any user before committing to buy anything.

Users that have animals or supplies for sale will list them in the mousery market. Any sales related talk should be kept in the Mousery Market section or via PM.
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