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Feeder Breeders

You are welcome to seek advice on proper care, feeding and management of feeder mice. You are free to say you are a feeder breeder and you certainly won't be bashed because you are. Some of us also keep reptiles and so may also be breeding to feed. Everyone understands reptiles need to eat too.

Mousery Market & Sales

Advertising mice or any other animal or supplies outside the Mousery Market section will result in your post being deleted and a warning.

The management have a social network system for tracking sucessfull and non-succesful sales for the benefit of users, sellers and buyers... not to scare you, but we want you to know that it's in place - Big brother is watching! This network system is designed on a discussion basis about sales and to keep an eye on users not collecting and behaving irratically. The group of moderators protecting this network are all considered respectable, responsable breeders and all have a welcome opinion.

We also have a feedback system which is in place for you the user to submit feedback on another user, to submit feedback simply click on the users profile and then click on there feedback score, from here you will have the option to add feedback.

Feedback can only be left IF a trade has taken place, any misuse of the feedback system will result in feedback being removed and a warning. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Users that have animals or supplies for sale will list them in the mousery market. Any sales related talk should be kept in the Mousery Market section or via PM.

Anyone found to be breaking any of the above rules will receive a warning, two warnings will result in a temporary or possible permanent ban.

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Please ensure you read the new safety notice below, it includes some important information to remember when your online.

Be safe online...

Social networking sites like this one are popular on the Internet. Used properly, they are a unique communications tool to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and other like minded people. But like any online tools, social networking sites can be gamed and abused by scammers and other unscrupulous people. People maybe aware of the resent grooming and murder of a teen girl from Darlington, North east england dubbed 'The Facebook Killer'.

It's more important then ever to protect yourself by following a few important steps.

• Be careful what you put online. When you put a photo, or video or written account online, it stays for a very long time and a lot of people can see it. Criminals use the sites to trawl for personal information they can use. Don't put anything up that you might regret. This includes compromising photos and videos, and especially any sensitive personal data eg. address's and dates of birth.

• Protect your privacy. Most social networking services offer extensive privacy options. You can use these settings to prevent anyone you don't know from viewing your information. Think about the information you have online, and whom you want seeing it; set your privacy levels accordingly.

• Be careful about meeting your social networking "friends" in person. It's not easy to tell who a person is from a photograph and a few lines of text. If you're going to meet in person, think about doing so in a public place, during the day.

• Be VERY involved with your kids' social networking. Children are big users of social networking services and face the greatest risks, such as child predation, exploitation and "cyber-bullying." If you decide to let them use social networking sites, limit use, insist on seeing their profile and interactions regularly, and make sure you personally know all of their "friends." Be aware that some kids host "dummy" pages for their parents' benefit, keeping their "real" pages secret.Consider insisting that your child only use social networking sites in common areas like the living room.

• Get away from an unpleasant situation in a chatroom by logging out (this just takes one click) or by changing your screen name.

• Think before you answer private messages. It can be harder to end a conversation in a private chat than in a public chat. A private chat may end up being more personal than you like.

• Use a nickname, not your real name, and a nickname that is not going to attract the wrong type of attention.

If you have experienced anything like the above while using this site please speak up, contact either myself or another administrator, or if anything does happen please don't be afraid to speak up.

Thanks to Artuntaure for providing the be safe doc.
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