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These Gerbils have just come into my rescue, and are looking for new homes. None of them have any health problems, all are bright eyed, active little things. They where handed to me by someone who's brother had inherited them. They have all been looked after by him, but they felt the gerbils deserved a home where they would get more personal care and attention.

There are several groups:

Group 1:
SEX: 3 Males
Colour: Agouti
Age: approx 6 -8 months.
Other: These lads are slightly skitty, but not overly, and are quite nosey. They have to go as a group of three.

Group 4:
SEX: 2 male
Colour: Agouti
Other: Freindly, inquisitive, though slightly skitty until handled.

Group 5:
SEX: 2 Female
COlour: Agouti
Other: These are lovely girls, big and chunky, will calm with handling but are currently skitty.

ALL THE FEMALE GROUPS will be ready from 18th of November, to give 4 weeks pregnancy check, as they have been in contact with males.

A Donation will be required if anyone is wishing to rehome one of the groups to ensure a good home, and homes will be vetted and updates will be needed. There is no set adoption fee, the donation will be decided by the new owner when we have chosen etc.

Please feel free to PM me or email: [email protected].

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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