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hi all
i have for sale at the minute a few trios of
show type mice in the following types as follows (all good quailty breeding stock but need work to make show winners as i always get told will not win shows but will breed winners

dove and tan - need work on the tan
silver and tan - need work on tan
agouti 's - a little to dark
cinemons - a little to dark
black and tan's - just about there
self cream's - ready to show and breed winners - only a few trios left
texels - in black and dove - only a few trios left
choc and tans - ready to show when a bit older - only a couple of trios left
cream satins - ready to breed winner - 1 trio left

i will be at bradford exel on sunday so can be collected there
these are very good mice some of them will be on the bench at the show
please contact if you are intrested or wuld like more info

- Date of birth/age: 7/8 weeks
- Sex:males and females
- Colour/variety:as above
- Price:
- Collectable from:bradford exel / can be shipped / bardford my home
- What the mouse carries - as above
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter:never had litters
- Reason for sale:surplus stock

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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