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- Date of birth/Age: All aged 3-5 Weeks

- Sex- All Does

- Colour/Variety- Chocolate, Cinnamon, Agouti, Black and Dilute (Beige and Bone). Theres a mix of selfs, tans and rumpwhites.

- Price- Free if collected.

- Collectible From. Cambridge Area

- What the mouse carries (E.g Dove tan carrying chocolate)- They come from a few litters so there's quite a mix in there, the dilutes could be interesting for any hobby breeders who would like to experiment with the ce gene, many of them also carry ce. Also the possibility of carriers of pink eyes. I would be able to give specific details to anyone interested.

- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter-No they are still too young.

- Reason for sale- Surplus stock. Most of the unmarked ones were from a litter which had no rumpwhites at all and the rumpwhites are just surplus tp requirement as I have so many at the moment, I wouldn't use them for exhibition rumpwhites but are ideal for hobby breeders or as pets.

I know its unlikely anyone will be able to come and collect these but its always worth a try, and certianly better offering them here than passing them onto the pet shop straight away. They are all lovely does and would make excellent pets or interesting hobby breeders.
Theres quite a few pictures in my thread in 'current litters' which I htink is called 'Lots of Rumpwhites' or something similar.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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