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For sale two male mice - London

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Hi, I have two satin recessive yellow male mice for sale in Dagenham London.

- Age: 5-6 weeks
- Sex: Male
- Colour: Recessive yellow (satin)
- Price: £6
- Collectible from: Dagenham, London
- What the mice carrier: ( Dove, satin, tan, pied ect)
- If it is a doe, whether or not is has already had a litter: No
- Reason for sale: Reducing stock

They are big boys for their age and would also be good for breeding especially size wise.

Here are pictures of the boys, one has pink eyes and one has black eyes.

PM me or email: [email protected] if you are interested in these mice.
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Decided not to sell the other one. So you can close this topic now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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