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just picked up an email to say that the rat this lad was going as a companion to has died, so he now needs a different home.....

Topaz Buck, DOB 12/05/09 (so he is currently 12 weeks)

dam Halcyon Mia (agouti) x sire Halcyon Tainted Love (agouti)

carries Russian

he is a bit pale as Topaz goes but not too bad, is the chunkiest lad from the litter and is currently a bit "plain" headwise. He is a nice rat, living with other boys at the moment, so is with rats older and younger than himself, he's a bit of a middle of the road blokey.

I'll try and take some pics tomorrow, if anyone wants him as part of a pair I'll let a Russian Blue Agouti buck go with him.

Can bring him to Enfield or London Champs
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