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Date of birth/age: Mostly adults, but some young does and babies (3 days - 2.5 weeks)
Sex: Does and bucks
Colour/variety: All satins
Adults/young does: Approx 10-12 chocolate does, 4 black does, 1 chocolate buck, 1 black buck
Babies: 1 champagne doe, 1 champagne self doe (will not produce rumpwhites), 1 chocolate buck, 1 chocolate doe, 3 blacks (3 days old, unsexed)
Price: May consider splitting but will take sensible offers for the entire stud comprising of approx 18 adults and 7 babies
Collectable from: LE18 (Leicester), NMC shows or I may be able to get these to the Stockport/Manchester area
What the mouse carries: The chocolate buck carries PE as does at least one chocolate doe
If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: Adult does have been bred from, both bucks are proven
Reason for sale: Reluctant sale to make more room for my other show varieties

More information: There are a couple of showable does and others that have minor faults. The others have been kept because they have good points such as straight unders (the harder line to get right). These could be bred from for show but I am not saying that these can only go to show breeders as they are a difficult variety and not one to show if you have a lack of space, little patience or do not cull.

These mice can also be used to breed champagne and dove rumpwhites if desired. All mice are self colours (no tans).

All experienced homes considered, they will not just go to the first person who responds. Feel free to ask any questions :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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