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Hi, i've got a number of silver and champagne bucks and does available, many are only four - five weeks old right now so i'll have a better idea of which ones i don't need in the next three weeks, but i have some older does almost or just at breeding age also available. These are all suitable as pets of for breeding, so let me know what you would like them for when you get in touch.

NO TIME WASTERS! If you are interested, make sure you are able to get to Sutton to collect the mice before you email me. thanks!

- Date of birth/age: four weeks - 14 weeks old
- Sex: male and female
- Colour/variety: silver and champagne, plus some PEWs from both
- Price: £5 per mouse, discount for large groups
- Collectable from: Sutton, Surrey
- What the mouse carries (e.g. dove tan carrying chocolate): Pure silver and champagne, no cross over between lines.
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: None of the does have yet been bred from

For more pictures, go to the same post in Breeding Mice for Sale
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