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For Sale - Self Watering Racks - Leicester

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i am selling my rodent rack, i made this after trying the mass produced racking systems as i just didnt rate them.

the boxes for the mice are too small in my opinion so i did lots of research on the net and made my own. this sytem works really well, it is so easy and quick to maintain and the mice seem to thrive in it. i have never had any problems with the mice not breeding.

i decided to buy the expensive self watering system as keep filling the bottles was a time consuming job. i have fitted a small header tank for a number of reasons >

if the mice cause a leak by pushing something against the automatic valve (very rare) there is only enough water to soak the bedding, yes the mice will get wet but they are only sat on wet bedding, they dont drown!

the water isnt in the header long enough to go stale/off it only needs a couple of jugs a water around twice a week, so is really nice and simple

* if you wanted to fit a larger tank it would be a five minute job. just cut a hole in the container and attach the valve, job done ! you could also drill a small hole in each cage to let water escape in the event of a flood so the mice will be safe, but will need a metal washer gluing over hole to stop the mice gnawing it

the sytem has a on off valve at the top where it attaches to the water container which is great when you need to do any maintenance. it also has a screw drain valve at the bottom on the tubing so you can drain it down.

all the sytem was brought new and is proffesinal stuff imported from america ( on/off valve, drain valve, drinking valves, water tubing )

as you can see there are 14 cages all with there own drinking valve obviously. i put food directly into the tubs, but i also put food/treats ontop of the cage wire, this serves 2 purposes they like to hang up side down and nibble the food through the mesh so it gives them something to do and also if they eat all the food inside the cage they will always have access to this food. i also put treats/bread etc on there.

i have kept my mice as close to pets as possible hence the bigger cages, you can easily keep 4 females per tub without them being overcrowded. i then put 1 male in and cycle him through each cage leaving him in for a few days. this sytem has worked brilliantly for me, i havent got a male atm i have just kept all the females on their own for the past 4 months or so as pets as i dont need any mice atm. the mice are given bedding and a toilet roll chew which they love to chew up, each time they are cleaned out :)

this setup really is great, it can be cleaned out in 1.5 hours and takes no real cleaning as the tubs are bigger you dont really get any 'wet patches' in the corners

it holds 56 mice without them being cramped

price may seem high but after you add up whats involved it is reasonable really. the water systems cost £80 PER RACK. the roll of mesh cost me £60, the tubs cost just over £50 PER RACK as there are some spare aswell. then there is the wood, have a quick work out how many lengths there are used in it ;) wheels and the time involved putting it all together

the only time i have had an escape was when the dog went in to eat the bread off the top of the tanks and accidently pushed the cages out the back slightly allowing the mice to get out ! this has been sorted now and the tank push up to a wooden stop

the pictures are of the rack that is for sale, but, i have another that is exactly the same, if you wanted 2 i will also sell the other aswell giving you 28 cages !

i also have 4 females in each tank of the 2nd rack, they can come with the racks for additional cost ? also food and bedding so you could actually be up and running straight away, all you would need is 1 male mouse !

they are actually a pleasure to keep now in this rack, as its so simple to keep/clean them

actual rack measures 38.5" wide, 17" deep, 67" high plus water container (my container is 7" high but that could be altered easily down to say 2")

and for anyone intrested the tub sizes are 18" x 14.75"x 4.58" (nice and big)

obviously i was a feeder breeder but thought this might be of intrest to somebody on here as you can keep large numbers of mice without taking up much floor space and the tubs arent cramped like the lab racks.

price per rack is £220
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Very nice racks! ;)
Wouldn't work for me, I like to see my mice running about. :lol:
But they are definitely impressive pieces of mouse construction!
Wow i think its great, if i could justifie the cost i would love something like this. If would work fantastic as a section for running on.
thanks for the kind comments :)

oops forgot, i am in coalville leicestershire
That is bloody brilliant!! Unfortumately it wouldn't fit in my shed with how tall it is :( And I would want clear tubs so I could see the mice.

but seriously, impressive work!! I wish I were so handy! hehe

W xx
awesome system!

if i had £220 to spend on new mousery kit i'd be snapping your hand off, good look with the sale.

plus if people want to see their mice, it wouldn't be too hard to cut out a section from each tub and put a clear window in.
both racks, 56 mice, 1/2 sack of each food £400, bargain !
ok going to drop these to £150 per rack, you cant build one for this...........
They are so awesome, that's just what I want for my shed. But I can't have my shed for a long while yet T_T. I'm sure someone will snap them up soon though :).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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