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- Date of birth/age: Various but by the Peterborough show they will be between 5-8 weeks.
- Sex: Bucks (I might have a few older does)
- Colour/variety:

1 x Champagne R/W
1 x Champagne Tan R/W
1 x Blue R/W
1 x Blue Tan R/W
1 x Agouti R/W

- Price: £5
- Collectable from: Cambridge Area or Peterborough Show (11th October)

- What the mouse carries (e.g. dove tan carrying chocolate): The tans carry self, the agouti could carry blue.
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: N/A
- Reason for sale: Surplus

These bucks are of varying quality but as with rumpwhites its all about selection, these bucks all have the potential to produce fantastic rumpwhites if used as show line breeder. All will make good hobby breeders or pets.

If anyone is also after rump whites does please feel free to contact me, I may not have anything available now but I definately will do in the future.
Ian :D
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