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Roborovski Hamster's
D.O.B 1/6/10 Agouti Only -
D.O.B 8/6/10 Agouti Only -
24 Weeks Old Agouti Male -
Sex Not Known

The 2 females are both Husky
The 2 males are both Agouti

2 of my females have had a kind of unexpected litters of pups.
Long story short I thought I had bought 4 females in which were 2 females and 2 males (f&m from different shops so not related) only realised when heard lots of squeaking and found pups, then not realising they mate when they have given birth as I thought the males helped raise the litters. Both the litters died then these litters came along.
The males were removed before this litter was born so no more litters.
So if anyone is interested please message me. I can not deliver far so ask me first and I will check and then message you.
Email: [email protected]

If you are interested and wish to talk over the phone PM me first as I dont get random calls from people being stupid
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