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For Sale - Rats - Cambs/Herts

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- Species rattys
- Date of birth/Age... will be 6 weeks when ready to go
- Sex.. males and females
- Colour/Variety... vari
- Price... £10
- Collectable From ...herts cambs or enfeild.
- Reason for sale..

black eyed white and pink eyed white
male and female

marked agouti and cinny pearl.
male and female
(picture shows males)

I have a few capped females that I will get some pics up of in the next few days..
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Oh the white dumbos are just precious! :love1

Sarah xxx
Do you still have any available? I'm after 2 females but the other half wants males so either will suit! The pictures are adorable!
I have pmed you caroline :O)

I dont have any of these left but a good friend of mine has a few available from same grandparents.
1 blue varigated male
1 black capped male
4 black eyed white males ( I belive some of them have tiny amounts of colour on them)

1 blue varigated female.

she lives in north cambs but they can be collected from me.
Oh don't know how I missed this, so jealous of the black eyed whites, they are so lovely.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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