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- Species: Syrian Hamster
- Sex: Male
- Date of birth/Age: 6 months when I got him (December), so 11 months now.
- Colour/Variety: Unsure, Golden Hamster I think
- Collectible From: Barnsley, South Yorkshire (S72) / Sowood (May 14) / Honley (June 11th)
- Price:£10 (but open to offers above £5)

- Reason for sale: Need to make more room

I love my hamsters, I really do, and Mickey is such a character so I'll be sad to see him go, but I need to make a little more space for my mice and rats. I adopted him in December as his first owners cat was attempting to eat him. He is an escape artist and really needs a bigger cage than I can offer him (he had to downsize, as I only had 1 padlock - I had to padlock his cage door as he can open it). He didn't use the top level much either. A little skitish when I adopted him, I have been slightly scared about holding him as he has bitten me once or twice. Anyone slightly braver than myself could probably tame him up. However, he will take food from your hand. I need to downsize on the hamster front as they are not as easy as mice and rats, as they can live together and my five hamsters all have to live seperately in a lovely tall tower of cages. At present, it is highly doubtful I will get out of my parents house anytime soon, so I need to get rid of a couple of the hammies. Most likely, I will be going down to two from five, as much as I hate it.

If anyone is interested, I can get pictures. Please contact me through pm, email ([email protected]) or msn ([email protected])

One picture of him can be found HERE. Considering the other hamsters in the picture, I'm thinking of selling Thunder and possibly Hammie, whom are both Syrian and the latter is a Rex, I believe. If you are by any chance interested in those, let me know, but I'm still unsure on selling them yet.
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