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For Sale - Harvest Mice - Leicester/Honley Show

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I have some young bucks for sale (no does at the moment).

5x 7-8 week olds
1x 14 week old

Must go in pairs or groups unless you have does to pair them with. £10 each, collection from LE18 Leicester area or possibly Honley Agricultural show in June. Any questions please ask :)
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Here are some photos of the available mice:

I also have another litter of 6 as yet unsexed, so does may also be available soon.
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How do these guys cope with colder weather for instance in my rodent garage?
Phil Hall keeps his in his shed and they still breed very well, so I expect they would be absolutely fine. However you can have them inside if you want to because they don't smell like normal mice - no pong (even bucks) and you only need to clean out every 3-4 months.
Unfortunately I cant have animals inside the house, its not worth the hassle from my other half. Although them being nice smelling means in an emergency it might not be the awful to have them inside.

I definately would want to have a mixed sex group, or start off with a pair so could you please let me know when you have some females available as well. Could try to organsie a pick up at a show or I could nip up on the train, its worked quite well in the past, im in no hurry though as may need to build up a stock of toys and things for the cage first.
I've got some ready to go, so if you're going to Honley or Enfield I should be able to get them there, or you're welcome to come and get them from me if you prefer or aren't going to those shows. Ironically Wilkinsons sell some good bits for them (small log with holes drilled and straw and wicker ball with holes in) as do the pet shop (small wicker nests and baskets for birds). Other than that you need a glass tank, some millet sprigs and a good mix of seeds and grains. Some safe fruit tree branches (like apple) are also appreciated as they love climbing and spend at least as much time off the gropund as they do on it :)
I dug out an old glass tank the other day and thought it would look nice with an interesting set up in and then had a look around to see what rodenty creature would suit it best. I had looked breifly at the pygmy dormice but discounted them due to the cost before finding out too much, im sure they would need heating too.
Ill go and hack some of my mums apple tree down for them.
I am going to Enfield, can I pick up a mixed sex pair then?
£10 each?
Yep, 1.1 pair for £20 at Enfield shouldn't be a problem :)
Yep, now got does ready as well :)
great, we need to sort something out.

I can't make it to Honley so if you are able to arrange something else that would be great.

I just got given a perfecto tank that would be perfect for these guys! :)
Is there anyone on this forum from Manchester going to Honley or Enfield? Perhaps they could help with transport...
that would be a good idea, not sure there is, but if someone who lives nearer to Manchester that may help.
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