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As some of you already know, my MumseyMouse mice are different (they are made of felt)...and therefore I don't experience the same grief that you do at the loss of one. I just go through separation anxiety LOL. But I have experienced the sadness of losing other pets... most recently my 16yr old Pom in November. After reading so many sad stories of the loss of dear little pets, I got the idea to create an Angel Mouse. I thought it might be a good idea to help ease the pain of losing a dear pet. If any of you are interested, I can make one for you that can be personalized by adding something that is special to you or was to your little one. I can also make them in different colors. You can contact me and I will make one specially for you and then list it on Artfire You can see the one I have in my Artfire shop at:

If you click the For Sale tab, you will be able to see more of my mice.
I hope this idea helps you cope with your losses.
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I wonder if you could make ones that looked specifically like people's mice? ;)
I bet those would be hot ticket items. :D
I have seen some of the most awesome looking mice on here. I never really knew there were so many variations. I can try anything ;) I am only limited by the colors of felt available. I can dress them as anything.
Would it be possible to dye the felt? Or paint it somehow? Hmmm . . .
I suppose that could be possible for someone with that kind of artistic talent. Sad to say that is not one of my strong suits. :lol:
Thanks for the vote of comfidence. I have mice in brown, tan, cream and white, but none are as pretty as what I have seen on here with their markings and mixed colors.
I have seen a wide variety of dyes available online and in some shops. I wonder how hard it would be to dye felt as opposed to wool? I have dyed wool before. If you supplied the supplies I would be glad to dye for you ( :lol: ) in exchange for one piece of felt per 2 dyed. I would pay shipping of dyed felts back to you. PM me if interested. I used RIT dye to dye a my little pony I customized once. . .Not sure if I still have pics of her let me check . . . . . . .

Ah! Here she is. I used black and soaked her in a cold dye bath for 28 hours.

She was originally pink.
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Thank you for your offer. That was very kind of you. But...from what I have seen in the adorable pictures all over this forum, most of the mice are multi colored with beautiful patterns. I don't think dying the felt would accomplish the results I would want if I were trying to make a mouse to resemble a specific one. Thanks again.
I think maybe I'd like to get a few 'blank' mice from you, and see what I can do with some dyes and paint brushes. :twisted:
Missed your post. Sorry. The only part of the mouse that shows on most of my mice is their head. But since it was suggested, I tried to add a little color with paints. The composition of the felt doesn't lend itself to paint very well. It either absorbs in and makes spots or it only sets on the uppermost fibers and looks strange going in all directions. Other fabrics would work differently, but then wouldn't work for me like the felt does. It was worth a try. Since I haven't had any requests for any mixed colors yet, I think I'll stick with the felts available. I have tan, beige, white, Chocolate and dark brown, black and gray. Also, they take so much time to make now. If I add more steps, that's more time involved. My husband says then no one would be able to afford them. LOL I do appreciate your interest and comments. Some of my best ideas come from others. Please continue to challenge my brain!!!
I keep thinking how hard it is to lose a pet. The Rainbow Bridge Poem helps. It reminds us that we will be reunited again someday. This is my visual reminder. I hope it will help you deal with the passing of your little loved ones.

Angel mouse waiting at the Rainbow Bridge by Mumsey's Mouse House, on Flickr

Pet Loss Memorial,,,waiting for a loved one. by Mumsey's Mouse House, on Flickr
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