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- Date of birth/age: 7-8 weeks
- Sex: 4 Bucks and possibly 2 Does
- Colour/variety: Dark and light skinned hairless
- Price: Not sure yet
- Collectable from: Thame, Oxfordshire or shows
- What the mouse carries (e.g. dove tan carrying chocolate): No idea
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: Not had any litters
- Reason for sale: Ok these are not my mice I am picking up 3 females for myself and the whole litter is available so I thought Id post them on here to see if anyone would want any. I can keep them for you to pick up at a show. Going to pick them up on Saturday if no one else is interested Ill just be bringing back my 3 does :D

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Are they still up for grabs? and can i semi reserve the 2 does please??
If you know of any other hairless mouse breeders then please let me know!
Also, how much are you asking for them? x
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