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- Species - Panchlora Nivea (Green Banana Cockroach)
- Age - Various
- Sex - Both
- Price - £10
- Collectible From - Kettering, Northamptonshire or I can post Special Delivery for £5
- Reason for sale - Excess roaches.

£10 for one mixed box of adults, large nymphs and small nymphs. You'll get at least 20 cockroaches of various ages, more than enough to start a colony.

Panchlora nivea are small, bright green roaches. Adults are between 15 and 20mm long. They like a humid atmostphere, which I achieve by keeping them in a plastic tank with cling film under the lid. They can climb and fly, but they are very calm and easy to handle so they make exellent feeder roaches for spiders, frogs and small lizards. They eat a standard roach diet; porridge oats, tropical fish flakes, cat biscuits and fruit.

Send me a PM if you're interested.

Sarah xxx
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