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Anyone interested in these?

I used to breed them but replaced them all with mice. I have a couple at my nursery which bred and we kept a few babies for the kids to watch them grow up, anyway now they are getting really large and we would like to send two of them off to new homes. They are Achatina fulica, getting quite big I've not measured them but would guess at a shell length of around 8 cm (I could be way off :? ) but they are now at the stage where they are solid and healthy and probbaly getitng ready to start mating if anyone is interested in breeding, alternativly if you dont want to breed them the eggs can be removed and frozen or crushed to prevent hatching.

Let me know if you interested, your'e able to post these animals using royal mail so location is not an issue.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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