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For Sale - Deermice - Germany

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Deermice in Chilloutarea Mousery
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moustress said:
Roland, I never scrolled down and looked at your flowers. You are something of a Renaissance man, aren't you?! What do yo use to induce the genetic doubling? I experimented with colchisine(sp-sorry too lazy to look it up on a Sunday morning) when I was younger, but I 'm sure there are a number of better ways these days, as that was 40 years ago.
No, no Rennaissance man, just an old man

I know the kids today use gene technology only. BAH! I do not want to change the genes, I just want to double the numbers :mrgreen: . Indeed I use the old fashioned method with colchizine. It is an ugly drug. Nobody should use it, who is not able to handle carcinogenic drugs, and has the chance to use an underpressure flowbench in a lab. My current project is to create tetraploid Brugmansia. Can you imagine an brugmansia with twice the size as a diploid? Here is a pic of a diploid brugmansia:

Best regards, Roland
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x.leigh.amber.x said:
roland do u have deer mice for sale or are u just showing us u have them as this thread is currently in the for sale / wanted section, but i cant see u mentioning them being for sale x
Hi, I have them for sale. People from outside of Germany, who come to pick up them at my door, get the Deers for free, do not have to pay a single cent.
I have about 10 at the moment, which are available.
Have a look here: ... lable.html

All the best,Roland
Today I got several deermice from a different line. The animals are from a research laboratory and some animal rescue people organized the transfer. The lab guys do not want to kill the animals which are not needed for experiments, they are happy if they find a home as pets. Nice people.
I got 8 of them, but not 8 females as they told us, there was 1 buck and 7 females in the group. Well, I'm a breeder, so I do not care...
These deermice are used to live in tiny macrolon boxes and got water and pellets only. The first hour they were unable to run straight forward, they moved in small circles and made saltos backwards.
Now they are the happiest deermice the world has seen. Life can be so exciting if you have been a lab mouse all of your life and get free! They experience the taste of leafes, vegetables and seeds, and they have a lot of fun in their new box. They notice that they do not need to run in circles and that they can climb. Wow, life is beautiful!
I am sure, these mice think that they are in mouse heaven now.
Yes they are: Welcome in Chilloutarea Mousery!

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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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