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- Date of birth/age: Various but currently all in the nest
- Sex:Both
- Colour/variety: Blue Selfs and various rump whites and mismarked rumpwhites
- Price:£5
- Collectable from: Cambridge or upcoming shows, can be arranged.
- What the mouse carries (e.g. dove tan carrying chocolate): mixed but I am able to give individual details
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: all does unmated.
- Reason for sale: surplus stock

Available Bucks:

2 x Blue Selfs, good size, and colour but tan on vents.
1 x Blue Tan Rumpwhite
2 x Choc Self Rumpwhites (one with spot on hip but good line and under, I would use him for breeding but no longer going to keep self choc rumpwhites)
1 x Choc Tan Rumpwhite

Available Does:

1 x Black Tan Rumpwhite
4 x Agouti Rumpwhite (possibly agouti tan, i find it really hard to tell with the young agoutis)
1 x Champagne Tan Rumpwhite
3 x Choc Tan Rumpwhite.

Many of them are mismarked and suitable for pet breeding some might be useful for someone setting up a showable rumpwhite breeding group, some work would be involved of course. I can sort photos out if needed.

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