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I have a TON of baby foods in jars, and little individual plastic tubs.
I intend to feed it to my mice, and make special treats out of some of it, but I just have so much, I worry that It'll go bad or something before I can use it all. :p

If anyone coming to the June 5th get together is interested, I can bring a box full of baby food, and I'd sell them for likt $0.50 a piece I guess. If you spend like 6 dollars, I'll round it off to $5 or something. :roll:

It's great for young mice, elderly mice, and everything in between! It can be a treat for some mice, and can really help if you need to medicate a mouse, you can often mix a powdered medication into soft food like this, and most mice will eat it. (Some mice will bury it too, though :p)

It's also great for other animals too. Rats LOVE baby food! Opossums love it too!
Ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, everyone likes some once in a while. :)

It also works great to mix the veggie mush with the rice and oat powders, and bake them into little mouse-biscuits! They LOVE those!
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