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For Sale - Abysinian and Asterex - Herts / Cambs

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- Date of birth/age:14th march
- Sex:2 female 1 male
- Colour/variety:various
- Price:£5 each
- Collectable from: herts/cambs area or enfeild
- What the mouse carries: resessive astrex , abysinian, satin and quite a few colours
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter: babys so not yet
- Reason for sale: babys

the chocolate female on the right

the dove female on the left.

I dont think I had any males that are also astrex abbys but I can sort out a lovely male to go with these two that is possibly carrying it but definatly carry abysinian.

please note that the astrex curl is dropping out so they might not have any curls left buy the time they are ready to go.
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I wish I could have you ship them to the
That little on on the right of the second picture is soooo cute! xD
Sent you a pm :)
PM'd you too. I live in Bishop's Stortford. Can get to Cambs, Enfield, Broxbourne etc whenever.
I really want one but im guessing they're all gone :( I've been looking for them for so long
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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