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For Sale - Abbysinian Mice - Herts/Cambs

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- Date of birth/age:5/7 weeks
- Sex:male and female
- Colour/variety:abbysinian in blue, chocolate, black
- Price:£5
- Collectable from: herts/cambs border
- What the mouse carries (e.g. dove tan carrying chocolate):various
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter:N/A
- Reason for sale:excess stock

I have some males and slighter younger females available , most are satin, these are from abby x abby breeding and have not yet been mixed into show lines so great swirls but small ears and tails ect!
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I still have some black males in satin and normal and some female chocolate and black in satin available.
pictures!! x
I will try to get some pics very soon :)
im interested in the blacks. get those pics up lol!
I have one black girl left and three identical chocolate females

and I have two satin black males and one normal abby black

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Me and "george" are going to the enfield show tomorrow and are seriously considering a detour to cambs on the way home!!!! is that possible!?
hi there

It depends where your comming from but I will be at enfeild aswell so it might be easyer to see you there :O)
ive sent you a pm with katys number. cos we are both going to be away from the internet for the rest of day. if you can bring one of the choc does with you that would be great,
Just in the car and managed to get on here on my phone, if u send me a private message with your number, I'll ring u if that's better? Katy x
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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