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FOR SALE - 4 Young Mice - Staffordshire

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- Date of birth/Age - 19th November 08 - nearly 6 weeks

- Sex - 2 bucks, 2 does

- Colour/Variety - All Fawn

- Price - £5 each - £9 for 2

- Collectible From - Staffordshire

- What the mouse carries - Argente

- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter - To Young

- Reason for sale - Surplus Stock

These guys and girls are back up for sale due to not hearing anything else off the person who wanted them. They are sure lovely characters.
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Still Available
The 2 females, the males are the same colour.
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Are you sure they're fawn - on that photo it looks like they have blue undercoats (i.e. they look argente).
i'm in agreement, they look argente to me ;)

vi x
if you have fawns that throw argente you can tell at 10 to 14 days which they are.Fawns have orange feet and the argente have white feet.This rule is 100 % true of exhibition mice,might not be with hobby breeding but would still be a guideline to work from.
Are these sold now? If so I'll lock the topic.
The 2 girls and 1 boy have gone but the 1 boy is left but decided to keep him as he has turned out really nice.
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