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My friend who will be sharing my table, is bringing 3 of her ferrets that need to be re-homed, with her. She doesn't -want- to get rid of these ferrets, but isn't financially able to care properly for all of her 'zoo' any more, and is downsizing to make things more manageable (she has nine ferrets all together!).

These ferrets would do BEST if kept together. Priority will be given to people I know and trust, and who can keep these three together. Ferrets do not do so well when they are separated from their group.

The ferrets are
1 Female sable, about 2 years old
1 Male Light coloured sable, about 3 years old
1 Male silver mitt, about 4 years old

All in great health.
These ferrets also require a holistic diet, as they have been fed holistically their entire lives. No corn, or soy, or by-products for these ferrets please! :)

All ferrets are fixed and de-scented, and will be available for $150 all together.
Please let me know if you are interested. ;)
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