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Flitters had her first litter!!!

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:gwavec OMG!!!!!! :eek: :shock:
I'm so shocked and amazed and excited!!!!
Flitter just gave birth a few mins ago!!! which I thought was odd as I read up the time usually be between 10-2.
But nevermind!!! Shes had her first litter omg they're so tiny.
Dont worry I havent disturbed her I just peeped through her cage and she has a hole in the top of her house that a
sneekly put there so I could look without touching :cool: I cnt see how many there are yet though but I just saw a small pile of pink wriggly things! :lol:
Do I just leave her now?
I hope she doesnt eat her babies or anything, is there any reason why she would so I can avoid it happening.

and I just realised how lucky I was I changed her cage this morning as she felt so much bigger, I thought just to be on the safe side I'll do it now..phew!

I'll try to get some pics in a few days and see how many there are. best to leave her for now.
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Just leave her be for a couple of days and give her good food and she will do fine. They don't eat their babies as often as people think, and it's usually because they don't feel secure or because there is something wrong with them.
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