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First mice!

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I gotten my little ones! The files are too big to load.. I will upload later. They were happy running and jumping about in their new home :lol: I am alittle sad that the person who sold me didn't know when they were born :? Anyway I put in the food and water and they ate alittle. They were eating hamster food before, what do I need to watch for? I mixed 2 cups of rolled oats, 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of parakeet food (which had mainly yellow and red unhulled millets followed by some pearled barley, flaxseed, unpeeled sunflower seeds, peanuts). That's about all. Is the food good for the moment? I can't find anywhere that sells unhulled pearled barley here.

I plan to add buckwheat, wheat germ, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and Brewer yeast when I get the time to go to the shop again. How much proportion of these to add? Would these be good to add as part of daily diet? With all these, do I still need to give them dry dog food?

I had some dried mealworms which I will give later in the morning.

For colours, I think they are black and white, white, champagne, champagne and white.
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Yea it is very exciting! Is the food ok though?
Lilly, i see.. sounds like that i am giving them .. i checked the food this morn and still have leftovers.. I will wait for them to finish to top up but i hope they eat more. They won't starve themselves by any means, will they?

Lilly_C, yes, will be breeding.. they will be feeders for my cats. But i will need a whole lot to be able to make it sole diet. Quite impossible to think of now. I hope it will be possible so will start and see how it goes. How about you?

I can't get the pics to upload, i will ask for help and upload later :oops:
Thanks Lilly :) it's good to know. I like my animals to eat heartily :D
Thanks for sharing PPVallhunds. I am beginning to realise that simplicity is good. :)
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