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First ever litter

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Well title says it all my black fuzzy doe give birth today and there looks to be 7 little wigglers in the nest :)
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*stalks* I expect photos in the next few days :D
why wait i'll do some in an hour lol shes dead laid back mamma she even carryed one out to show me then took it back in lol
well done

congrats, its an amazing experience the first litter.
they so small pictures really dont show you how small they are (pet type) btw i guess show ones are alot bigger but omg how warm and pink they look was so hard not to touch.
Babys babys babys so cute and milky bellys too please note i know the date and time is off on the camra its only coz i dont know how to fix the date and time lol


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Look at the little cute pinkies with the milky bellies!!! Congrats!!
can't wait to see pics of their development!....i may have to steal a couple cuties :) xx
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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