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Finally got a good pic of Swarlos..

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He always looks white in pictures, so I put him on a white background and it really helps to see his colouring. So what do you guys think he is?

If it helps, here is his dam:

And his sire:
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Wow, the must carry a load of recessives of produce than offspring. He looks like marked red-eyed cream, probably a diluted recessive yellow. Very pretty boy! the dam looks like she might be brindled, or maybe the (spripey:jeez!) stripey appearance is just the bands in the long hair. She's an interesting looking mousie too.
Yep, I was going to say diluted recessive yellow to. :>

I bet he looks cool in person!
The dam is most likely brindle, since Swarlos has produced a ton of brindles out of different does. I thought yellow wasn't diluted by PE?

If it helps, here are some of his pups:
Out of a broken agouti

Out of 2 black and white does and 1 brindle (most likely RY based)

Out of the 2 black and white does - same as above, but none of these were from the brindle doe
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Oh gosh those broken brindles in the first pic are heavenly. :love1
The dilution would not be from the p/p for red eyes. There is probably a c locus dilution, probably c^e paired with c, or some other c recessive. I would think that there would not be a dominant in the c locus, or there wouldn't be this kind of dilution.
Blue dilutes yellow paler too.

W xx
Filed and noted. ;)
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