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FIFTEEN rescue mice, all will need homes. . .

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I found an ad on Craigslist. Saying that a person's pet mice had babies and they 'don't care if the babies went as feeders' They said there were four babies.

I sent them an email, and said I'd take them in, thinking I could handle four baby mice, and eventually find them homes.
The person sends me an email back, and says that now, they have FIFTEEN mice. I don't know if they're just being irresponsible with breeding, or if they're just trying to make money, or what. But she wants $1 per mouse. I wish I could talk her out of the money, and just take the mice from her, and find them homes . . . But I think I can at least talk her into giving me all of the mice for $10 or something.

Either way, it makes me a little sad. All of the mice will be needing homes soon. I live in Richmond Virginia, so if anyone near by can take some, that would be nice. Donations would be appreciated, since I'm going to have to pay for these mice, wether I like it or not. :/
I'll figure something out, but it's going to be hard for me to house an extra 15 mice.

She says there are siamese, and black and tans, and I asked for pictures asap. I'll post the pictures when I have them.

I'd being them with me this weekend, but of course, they haven't been quarantined, so I couldn't.

Thanks. ):
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If you could get some to Missouri, I would help
I would have to find a mouse train for that. But if you know anyone willing to start a mouse train to missouri, please let me know! :)
If you have any way of getting them to Pa I can take some. Only thing is, my car isn't in shape (out of alignment and driving on a flat tire filled with fix-a-flat - haven't had time to get either problem taken care of yet) right now to make it to the get together (i forget the name of the location.) If anyone would be coming closer to my direction (around harrisburg) I would be more than happy to meet halfway.
I am coming up to PA in October, for Rodent Fest. You live in PA, right?
Once I get pictures, I'll post them, and if you'd like me to hang out to some for you, I can bring them up then. :)

I could also get them to DC, I think Ann wouldn't mind holding onto some for me/you.
And that's half way between here and PA, so that would be a big jump, in the journey!
I can't pick them up until Sunday, or Monday, because of quarantine. :(
Why not just let them go as feeders if the owner is ok with that?

It will save you a lot of money in the long-run and if you can't even afford $15 initially, I wonder how you'll afford even more as the months go on and they get older.

I'm not bringing any mice to the show, so maybe I can get them tomorrow then get them to you? The money is not an issue for me.
Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the objection to the charge for the mice was that they wanted rid of them, or to be 'rescued' but were still trying to make money off it and wouldn't just give them to someone who was offering to look after them.
I want to try and talk the owner into giving me the parents too. She tells me that she keeps the male and female mice together, and doesn't know why they have so many babies. It's just ... I guess I feel bad that she leaves her 'pet' mice together to constantly have babies, and then complains when she has too many. She also apparently has all 15 in one small cage together, so who knows what sort of health they're in, or if any of them are pregnant. I will say, that if any of the female mice -are- pregnant, I will probably cull the entire litters, unless someone pops out a rainbow-super-duper-hyper-happy mouse. Honestly, I think the mice are probably too young to be having litters, and being pregnant may even kill them, and if they manage to have the litters, I don't think it's wise of me to keep them, for the sake of both me, and the mother mouse.

It's easy for me to feed and water my mice, because most of their food is free. And the hay litter that I buy, is $5 for a bale that is larger than I am. :p
I have enough food right now, to last me until the end of the year, if not longer. I have two giant 50 pound bags of feed, and i get stuff like baby food, and grains and stuff off of freecycle all the time. :)
If I ever felt like I couldn't afford my mice, I wouldn't have them.
Mrs.Beach has offered though, to pay for the mice, and send me a link to some information about someone who was giving supplies out to help rescue meeces. :)
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buy them for $1 then sell for $1.5 for feeders(mother and father mouse to)
toad772 said:
buy them for $1 then sell for $1.5 for feeders(mother and father mouse to)
I think you missed the point of this post.
Rhasputin said:
toad772 said:
buy them for $1 then sell for $1.5 for feeders(mother and father mouse to)
I think you missed the point of this post.
No I know you want to rescue them but you would have to be retarded to get 15 mice just to save them from being snake food. All the rodents babies I breed go to snake food and when they get to old to reproduce the parents go for snake food as well
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How are things with the rescue meeces ?
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